Struttin my stuff on the Beltway (Marketplace Special)

Special to the Marketplace, oh me, oh my!

Feelin like you want to strut, but don’t want to put a whole outfit together?  Well, you can still be lazy with this set. ONLY available on the Marketplace (link above) for a mere 395L$, the set comes complete with the components listed below:

Mesh Corset (5 sizes included XS-XL)
Leather Flare Pants (all available layers & sculpted pant legs)
Crop Leather Jacket/Vest (sculpted vest, sleeves & jacket clothing layer glitch)
Buckled Boots in unreleased Cerulean color
Manicure & Rings Sets (sizes 10, 20 & 30)

That’s right. You get the unreleased Cerulean color, as well as the manicure and rings set, on top of the outfit itself… More full of win than penguins in tuxedos I tell ya… that’s a lot of win.

{Scribbles on the Wall}

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