WGF – Nightstalker Hunt

“They gave us a day – we took the whole month.”

I cannot wait for May. Few things come along on the grid that I get giddy about. Twisted Hunt. Gothmas time, Oopskate (and the littlest DJ’s day of reckoning as it is in all its orange glory. Yes, we celebrate the RL birthday of a cat on here.) and now.. Goth Fair and the sheer magnitude of madness it will be. Mad in a good way.

So.. yes I muddled this over. I struggled with what to make for the occasion for the hunt. The cuteness from earlier actually threw me into a cinder block wall of build stumped. Then rational thoughts came in (thanks to Cache.)

Meeeeshy mesh mesh boots. Yes. Mesh boots as the gift from me. Unisex to boot and three sizes to fit damn near anyone, and look good doing so. Bring on the dark freakypeople, cause all the freaks come out at night.