The Wash Retro Swap Meet

Yay new stuff! New and cheap! So cheap you’ll probably go blind just reading this. The Wash is kicking off with the Retro Swap Meet May 23rd through June 6th with dozens of designers offering up goodies for just $10L or less. The theme spreads between the 20’s through the 80’s and for whatever reason possessed me I got Elvis and “Blue Suede Shoes” stuck in my head, and how to turn this into a fitting piece for the occasion.

Yes.. I know, gasp and awe. Shoes. CHEAPIE SHOES! With toes! All HUD control and easy sizing with Copy and Mod options as well. There’s ten colors that’ll be available for just $10L a pop on my little shipping palette along the Hell Bop drag. These willll be in the store afterwards, but this is the time to capitalize on the best deal ever on them. We’ll see you at the swap meet!