Oopskate 2012











It’s that time again, the time the Gothikans rejoice and celebrate what many will consider something so silly it’d only happen here. That’s right – Oopskate is back.

“But what is Oopskate?” you ask – below is a clippet from the madwoman herself, Axi.

“One of my cats (RL cats, that is) has his birthday on June 15.  Every year on June 15, Gothika throws him a goth/industrial/dark electro roller skating party.  Despite the fact that I don’t think Rupert can roller skate, we continue to do this year after year.  We’ve always offered special items for sale that night from the various members of the Gothika staff who also own stores.

Last year, a timing coincidence happened and we wound up changing things a little, donating all proceeds of the evening to charity. (Last year it was to help the family of Charles Rehill, of the band Lost Signal, who got hit with a 250,000USD medical bill (even whilst being insured) for the birth of his son.

Well it’s June again, and we’ve decided to make Oopskate a charity event once again.  This time, we’re donating all proceeds to the American Porphyria Foundation.

Porphyria is a rare, inherited blood disease.  It came to my attention that this would be a good idea after reading a blog post by Bliss Windlow, which you can read with its attendant comments here.

And you can read about what Porphyria is here.”

And so it comes to pass, where several of our own, and some beloved from the recent Goth Fair have also thrown down in celebration of The Littlest DJ’s party. The madness starts at 10PM SLT on June 15th, and we hope to see you there. ❤