Avi Choice Awards 2012



….how did I not know about this? This is what happens when most of my day is spent lurking on the build plat or DJ’ing. I miss things. Apparently a lot of things.
December is going to be crazy in the sense of Twisted Krissmuss, The Woeful Rummage Sale, Xmas Expo, Gothmas by Gaslight and a ton of other events. (I don’t know restraint or how to say no to shiny things.)
So later I get a note about the Avi Choice Awards, where members of the SL community nominate people or stores on different categories. I figured at first this was just standard information going out since it’s happening at the Expo, until it said ‘congrats.’
I still have a ‘O.o’ face over this.
So to whomever did this – I can’t honestly thank you enough. (Still confused) and very humbled by the notion people like my little corner of madness. You have no idea how giddy I am right now. ❤

VOTE Fashion Categories.