Playing Catch-Up

For all my OCD, there’s a reason why I’m a designer, and not a blogger. I forget this thing is here and then chaos resumes.
New things – new stuff. The Gothmas season is coming which means batshit insanity will be at its finest. BUT! In the meantime – there is more stuff and things in the works.

First off – Unhinged is still going on. For those of you that don’t know – the event is benefitting eku Zhong, a content creator in the SL community and SLU member. Long story short – a bunch of vendors have come together to help raise funds for a potentially life saving prosthetic for her jaw. The outcome has been amazing, and reminds me there’s still some light in the darker parts of SL, and selfless compassion and generosity is still very much alive and well in our virtual community. There are tons of gachas, and some even having special exclusives, or new releases with proceeds ranging from 75% to 100% to the cause. (I’ve admittedly sunk a lot into Alice Project’s hair gacha alone for the absolutely killer streak color sets.)

So! There’s all new items to be found over there from :{MV}: keeping in spirit of the skully theme: