Preview #2! Woeful Rummage Sale



Yay more holiday madness! The Woeful Wednesdays Collective is bringing a little more doom and gloom to the season with a Holiday Rummage Sale. “Sale you say? IS it true Loks?” Why yes, yes it is. Some of the dark and spooky creators are pulling together over at Hobbs End (also home of the Twisted Hunt HQ) with different offerings for the season at a discount, and some extra gifts to be found for $50L.

Bringing some sugary darkness to the table – because Red insisted that there’s not enough sugar skull items out there (and she’s a stark raving lunatic about how things are on mesh) – Ash Sugarskull hoodies! 6 delightfully darker shades in 5 sizes. And to round it out is Bearing Boots sets in matching colors.

The event kicks off on the 5th, so swing on by to see what’s waiting to be snatched up.