Fishing Spot Outfit

Phuri Nomad Fishing Outfit

Wishful thinking.. hoping.. praying that winter can just GTFO. No really – GTFO. I’m tired of the cold, the random snow and/or blizzards creeping in and back out.

Ohio is terribly confused. What I mean by confused is that one day it thinks it’s a temperate climate, the next it went on some vacation to the ends of the earth, into the abyss that is the frozen wastelands and says “Screw you we like penguins.” (Which is obviously a trick because you can never trust penguins in their finely pressed suits – they are the devil. And they bite.)

So.. a little bit of the modern boho gypsy, and slinging juju vibes in hopes spring comes sooner. (Storm Q is totally ruining this effect I imagine…)

There’s 15 pieces in all to fish for – or for those that want the instant gratification of retail therapy there’s a full set non-transfer version available on the wall (and near the new releases) at a discounted price for the time it’s in the pond.

Come back Spring! I miss you! ;.;