I’m too sexy for this Collar

Well with four different series and multiple options within each series it is hard not to love it anyway. Especially since it is the best of mesh and the best of RLV since they are Opencollar scripted as well.

First series up is the Latex with 16 colors options that match all the :{MV}: series of Illiads, Vee and Derezzed latex colors.
Widower - Latex Series

Next is the Wilds series with 5 glossy animal prints.

Widower - Wilds SeriesWe can’t forget the Classics which is a series of supple tanned leathers in 4 colors

Widower - Classics SeriesLast but not least the Plush series for the pampered pet or punk with rich quilted satiny leathers.

Widower - Plush Series

Each collar comes with 5 sizes plus one deformer option. No alpha but there is sure to be a size that fits but still try on the demo before you grab your copy to make sure there is in fact a fit for you.

Come grab yours tonight!