I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

The second round of the Thrift Shop has started and MV has all the goodies out!

The first goodie is the Wild Side Heels which are new to the event with all of their spiky, sexy, animal ferocity, goodness! And 50% off to boot!

Wild Side Heels

The Anarchy Skirt is also new for the event with all of the colors and both leather and latex options. What more could the rebel in you need? Also 50% off!

Anarchy Skirts

And then the Thrift shop is known for it’s Gatchas so what would MV be thinking if there weren’t a few out? So we bring you these 2 lovely satin paisley pieces that are a must for your summer wardrobe. At just 35L$ a pop they are hard to resist!

Micro Skirts

Liberation Tops

There is also some pick and grab other stuff at the shop that’s discounted with it so don’t miss out on the fun at the Thrift Shop Event!