Welcome to the TWISTED CARNIVAL!

So it is that time of the year again for fall twisted hunt and it is really hard not to enjoy the theme this round of Twisted Carnival! Lokii outdid herself with all of the goodies and well you need them all!

First off we have the actual hunt prizes!

Dark Quinn

Ringmans Vestments

Then we have the awesome GATCHA Prizes!

Then we have the extras! We can’t ever forget the Twisted Survivor Series Shoes or a Twisted Mini Hunt Outfit! (Both are available for full retail at the front of the store or in the Riot vends for those of us with a different kind of patience. )


So drop by MV and grab your Twisted Goodies before they are gone! And if you need a better look at them stop by  Flickr (Which PS is a good way to stay up to date because the pics get posted there before here!)