New Limited Edition Avatar For Halloween 2013

So Lokii has been a busy ladeh and made a whole awesome avatar with a Dia de los Muertos theme! It is limited to 50 copies in-wold and a very few on the Marketpace so you better hurry to grab it up before it is gone for good!

Flor de Muertos

Flor de Muertos

And just to reinforce the awesomeness of this box here is a down and dirty breakdown of what you get when you buy this Limited Edition Avatar:

• 5 sizes rigged mesh torn dresses
• 5 sizes rigged mesh torn dresses (Tango Cut Version)
• 3 sizes rigged mesh thigh high boots
• 5 sizes rigged gloves
• 1 pair of mesh decayed eyes
• 1 Rosa skull crown
• Black Death Muertos skins (cleavage and non-cleavage versions)
• SLink Enhancement Appliers – Hands, Feet, Nails, Toenails
• Lolas Tango Appliers – Skin, Dress Top
• System thong (Tintable)
• All necessary alphas and shoe base (including loose FP copies of alphas for personalized editing or with external programs)

Run over and grab your copy now! Click me!