{Behind the Curtain}

:{MV}: started out as a little hobby project in late 2009 on Second Life; a tiny vacant store but a handful of eyes and silly ambitions with the Twisted Hunt. Almost three years later the madness has taken root providing alternative womens fashion and unisex accessories to the SL community.

From alternative to goth, fantasy and grunge and a little of everything in between no design or silly idea is out of reach, with custom options available and affordable prices for any budget.

And of course behind every mad creator is an equally crazy entourage of friends who say ‘well where’s more stuff?’ or *gimmeh hands* My small, but best team ever of my Twin Rydia and the frosty one and cohort blogger Asyra, and my maddening but always supportive hubby Cache. Lastly, but never by any means least and most important – the VIPs of the Freak Nation. You guys always rock and manage to bring the laughter every time.

Alternative Designs from a Fractured Mind

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