{Store Policies}

~ No Refunds – all sales are final.
Exchanges are handled on case by case basis only on transferable items.

~ Double Purchases – Refunded within 48 hours of purchase. You *MUST* provide transaction information by notecard the same day of purchase. NOTE: If a vendor doesn’t give the bagged item after purchase (or at minimum a few minutes if the servers/asset is lagging or having problems) PLEASE do not continually purchase it. Re-buying it doesn’t speed it up, it may just be a genuine grid issue, or my own mistake overlooked on a mislabeled vendor. Please notecard notecard notecard me with your name and transactions details and drop it in the box at the events/hunt wall or it can be sent if I’m online (please send a followup IM so I know to check inventory if I’m not readily at the keys or AFK.) I will get it as quickly as possible and make sure you receive your purchases or double purchase refund without question.

~ All vendors are marked with permissions of items. Please verify your selection before purchase.

~ Custom Colors – Available. Notecard selection with the Name, Price, and Color Choice(s) of the item, and drop in the mail inside the store. (*NOTE* Hunt items are NOT available for custom recoloring. If it becomes an item in the store at a later date it will have color selections and available for custom. Please do *not* ask for recolored hunt prizes.)

~Limited Releases – Occasionally something will be made that is either a very short promotional release or limited amount release special. These are on first come, first served basis and notices are sent out equally to all places advertisements run. Once they sell out they’re gone. We cannot “Hold on to for x amount of hours” it’s snag or see it disappear.

~Delivery/Re-Delivery Issues – The store is retrofitted with a delivery system on near all the vendors available. Either direct payment or by menu touch and selection Pay by Cash/Store Credit. In the event of delivery issues there are several redelivery terminals throughout the main store and near every department for convenience. Delivery requests can be handled by a few menu choices. If your item is not available for redelivery please notecard your transaction information and name and drop it in the box and deliveries will be handled as soon as possible. (Please create the notecard yourself, it will help me greatly in processing the issue faster to be able to pull up your profile.)

~Gifting – Vendors in-world have gifting options (Direct or Personalized); Direct option will deliver the item to the person, or if you want to personalize the gift with a note and gift box the selection will walk you through step by step on how to process and hand deliver your item to the intended recipient. Items are also on the Marketplace and being added weekly for on-the-go shopping.

~Missing Items/Broken/WTF – Unfortunately SL is temperamental at best, some items may go missing in the packaging process or scripts break. If any of these are the case please notecard and state the missing/broken etc issue and will be handled as quickly as possible.

~Discounted & Discontinuing Items – As things are always changing on SL so do the products. New and better ways to create come along, or just not satisfied with an older piece and either discontinue it or it retires to the depths of cobwebs in inventory. If you came across something that may have been an item in the past and are still interested contact me with the information (The product name if you know it or a general explanation of what it is) and I can make arrangements at a discounted price from it’s original value.

~ “U Mad Bro?” – Harassment will not be tolerated in the store. Solicitations, pestering, panhandling, spambites, begging for Linden, and general douchery will be levied with a ban. Temporary bans will be held accountable for cheating during hunts. (Seriously people tell me about spoiler alerts.) Just don’t do it.

~ “Banned?” – I don’t normally levy bans unless there’s known evidence of serious problems among other creators and the community – if that’s the case sorry it’s just a matter of protecting visitors and customers to the location. Most cases are flying into levels that are not public access (I live on the sim as well and some privacy is needed.) and you may have hit one of the security orbs. That can be resolved easily by just sending an IM and I can check the orbs to remove the name(s). All public access is the store location itself – trust me, my life isn’t special or hidden gems. It’s just that area. I promise. ❤